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‘To see far is one thing, going there is another’ – Constantin Brancusi

The true reflection of words for renowned video artist Markos Aristides Kern also known as Mar-K.os. With over a decades experience in the artistic field, Markos is also the founder and creative director of popular design agency and VJ label Visual Drugstore in Munich, Germany.

A passion over profession, Markos devotes his time to precision and perfection of his talent, constantly refining and redefining his artistic abilities. His work has attracted the eyes of many corporate companies to the likes of Hugo Boss, Red Bull, Intel and JOOP! as well as international music festivals including MAYDAY, Time Warp and Nature One.

Markos works in the general spectrum of art and design branching out to visual conception at digital media. His portfolio includes 3D animation, motion graphics, event visuals, stage and club design, screen design, product design, corporate identity arrangement, projection mapping, video and television productions. His career highlights include special video mapping of both the prestigious Alte Pinakothek and Haus Der Kunst buildings in Munich as well as the famous Planetarium in Hamburg.

Markos is amongst the minortiy in which he develops his own visuals, designs and performances in always striving to create an even more diverse and rich repertoire. Having created over 8000 visual clips to date and over a decades worth of artistic experience he has a thrilling and unique approach to art and design. An artist who isn’t held back by limitations, Markos sets out to push the boundaries of creativity- an advantage against the industry’s majority.