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A tribute to David Bowie

From 20 May to 10 August 2014, Berlin will display an exhibition dedicated to David Bowie, one of the most pioneering and influential performers of modern times. Berlin is the city where the exceptional artist has spent some of the most productive years of his career. Over 300 objects including handwritten lyrics, original costumes, photography, set designs, album artwork and rare performance material from the David Bowie Archive.

32David Bowie:Life on Mars64










Thanks Creative Visual Art for this article! The DRESDEN REFLECT Pre-Event

Here is the link






















Boss Shanghai

Pics of my recent design (room concept, interior & show) for the Boss Autum/ Winter 2014 fashion show in Shanghai.

check the complete video here



RG003596_20x30cm_300dpi RG003600_20x30cm_300dpi RG003605_20x30cm_300dpi RG003609_20x30cm_300dpi RG003536_20x30cm_300dpi RG003549_20x30cm_300dpi RG003578_20x30cm_300dpi RG003521_20x30cm_300dpi RG003526_20x30cm_300dpi RG003550_20x30cm_300dpi RG003580_20x30cm_300dpi RG003514_20x30cm_300dpi RG003515_20x30cm_300dpi RG003564_20x30cm_300dpi RG003566_20x30cm_300dpi (1) RG003512_20x30cm_300dpi RG003585_20x30cm_300dpi

Behind the Scenes


Just a few looks behind the setup and scenes of my recent design for the Boss fashion show in Shanghai. All bad quality but I guess you can see the details and dimensions of this outstanding project. Proper pics soon.

Here´s the complete show.



IMG_1000 IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1178 IMG_1149 IMG_1130 IMG_1136 IMG_1119 IMG_1124 IMG_1111 IMG_1114 IMG_1106 IMG_1103 IMG_1104 IMG_1095 IMG_1097 IMG_1090 IMG_1088 IMG_1085 IMG_1080 IMG_1084 IMG_1076 IMG_1067 IMG_1072 IMG_1068 IMG_1069 IMG_1063 IMG_1066 IMG_1061 IMG_1053 IMG_1058 IMG_1051 IMG_1034


Water Shoot

Just finished a shoot for some upcoming shows.


A036_C020_0520YO.0000149 A036_C021_0520ME.0000000 A036_C021_0520ME.0000947
A036_C025_052093.0000587 A036_C026_0520G9.0000031 A036_C030_0520K4.0000145 A036_C034_05202N.0000985 A036_C035_0520KP.0002001

Polarstern 2013 – South Georgia



Some first impressions from my trip to my recent trip to Antarctica. The pictures were taken on the most amazing island of South Georgia at the former whaling station Grytviken. I want to thank Holger von Neuhoff from the Maritime Museum Hamburg, Gerhard Bohrmann, the entire crew of the german research ice-breaker Polarstern and of course Marum and Alfred Wegener Institut for making this amazing project possible. More footage and pics will be added and there will also be future projects following this trip. I´ll keep you posted.

Polarstern 2013 – Heli-Whalewatching –



Polarstern 2013 – South Georgia By Night –


Polarstern 2013 – First MMOVE –


Polarstern 2013 – Welcome to South Georgia –




Polarstern 2013 – Birdwatchers –


Polarstern 2013 – Underwater –



Polarstern 2013 – Movie Night –



Wintertime at Visual Drugstore






MOOK Shanghai

Some pics of our recent installation at MOOK Club Shanghai.

Interactive video installation of 144 triangles. The installation can be played interactively throughout the night and, due to a very flexible programming, can be rebuild in any manner during an everyday event schedule at the club.




These are some pics of my recent Ultrabook 3D show in Wien on the facade of the world-famous Karlskirche. 540.000 Ansilumens did quite a good job projection the approximately 45 minute long show which was seen by more than 5000 visitors. All wonderful pics seen here are taken by my friend and outstanding photographer Rüdiger Glatz from BHP.



Ultrabook™ 3D Tour WIEN – the pics

Here´s the first series of shots from the show at St. Charles Church in Vienna. I have to admit that this was the greatest show I´ve ever done, absolutely amazing feeling. Thanks to everybody that helped to make this evening so special and to the wonderful people (and officials) in Vienna!

Ultrabook™ 3D Tour HEIDELBERG

Definitely one of my favorite shows of the last months, Heidelberg really rocked the Ultrabook 3D Tour stop last Saturday, what a great night. Thanks go out to the approx. 5000 people that came, Moonbootica and of course the Intel team for believing me that Heidelberg, as a small town, can totally keep up with the big cities in Germany when it comes to party.

big – bigger – Zwinger Dresden

These are some pics of my recent Ultrabook 3D show in Dresden on the facade of the world-famous Zwinger.540.000 Ansilumens did quite a good job projection the approximately 50 minute long show which was seen by more than 100.000 visitors, some even on the other side of the Elbe river. All wonderful pics seen here are taken by my friend and outstanding photographer Rüdiger Glatz from BHP, I´ll also post some more pics of the show itself soon.

setting up 540.000 lumens of video

the first pictures of our upcoming Ultrabook 3D show at the world-famous Zwinger in Dresden, Germany.
This time our setup consists of 36 15k projectors, having a stunning total of 540k lumens.

hello Malaysia

a feature of the upcoming issue of Instructor magazine in Malaysia


Up in the air

Tonight’s the night. Getting our gear ready to map one hot-air balloon in-flight from a second balloon. The helicopter is fueled up and around 04:00 am we’ll be ready for a crazy ride.













Amazing pictures of “Alte Pinakothek” Mapping

Check out these pics of my recent Ultrabook 3D Tour show in Munich at Alte Pinakothek. All shot by Rüder Glatz of BHP. Be sure to check out the BHP website for more outstanding images. Special thanks go out to all my team and the people involved in this wonderful event.

Mapping “Alte Pinakothek” Munich

pics of our Ultrabook 3D Tour stop in Munich.
Next stop Dresden & Berlin (more to be announced soon)