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Ultrabook™ 3D Tour WIEN – the pics

Here´s the first series of shots from the show at St. Charles Church in Vienna. I have to admit that this was the greatest show I´ve ever done, absolutely amazing feeling. Thanks to everybody that helped to make this evening so special and to the wonderful people (and officials) in Vienna!

let`s get MMOVing

An idea comes to life

This is a short vid of yesterdays spontaneous MMOV action in Munich. After months of planning and work this insane idea of mine is now finally ready for action and a whole lot of amazing projects. Check out this to find out more about my “newest and most craziest toy for the big boys” ever (available in english soon).

- you can´t stop 16 tons of steel -

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highspeed colors

these are the first rough impressions of my current shooting. All filemd in HD highspeed (500-1200 FPS), more to be seen soon. Props to my Visual Drugstore crew, thanks!!!

My loved freaks

Just some pics of odd things and people I found while travelling.

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