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Visual Drugstore – „Nur noch Wachstum“

A new video interview on EventElevator!


Soft and flexible light

The Studio Banana Things created a new touch sensitive light to fit inside a bag. This product is really flexible, rechargeable via USB and can be used for multiple purposes.








































































A fascinating urban farm in downtown Tokyo

A Tokyo based recruitment agency has dedicated 20% of their 215,000 square foot office to growing fresh vegetables, living walls, green roofs and vertical gardens. The building has a double-skin green facade where flowers and orange trees are planted on small balconies. They realised the largest urban farm in Japan, turning unsightly building into works of art while also cleaning the air and allowing the employees to grow and harvest their own food at work.





















































































Battle of Triangles, Shanghai

Some pics of our current setup of my video mapped architectural sculpture at MOOK Shanghai.
Just some quick shots with an iPhone, proper pics will follow. 20130124-090741.jpg20130124-091032.jpg20130124-114322.jpg20130127-130848.jpg20130126-124813.jpg20130126-124805.jpg20130126-123939.jpg20130126-123921.jpg20130127-130935.jpg20130127-130953.jpg20130127-131014.jpg

Ultrabook™ 3D Tour WIEN – the pics

Here´s the first series of shots from the show at St. Charles Church in Vienna. I have to admit that this was the greatest show I´ve ever done, absolutely amazing feeling. Thanks to everybody that helped to make this evening so special and to the wonderful people (and officials) in Vienna!

Ultrabook™ 3D Tour HEIDELBERG

Definitely one of my favorite shows of the last months, Heidelberg really rocked the Ultrabook 3D Tour stop last Saturday, what a great night. Thanks go out to the approx. 5000 people that came, Moonbootica and of course the Intel team for believing me that Heidelberg, as a small town, can totally keep up with the big cities in Germany when it comes to party.

Hugo Boss Fashionweek in Berlin

Guerilla Mapping Dresden

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Timewarp 2011

These are the first pics of my stage design for last saturday`s Timewarp. A 3D mapped sculpture which I performed on as a realtime 3D mapping show.

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let`s get MMOVing

An idea comes to life

This is a short vid of yesterdays spontaneous MMOV action in Munich. After months of planning and work this insane idea of mine is now finally ready for action and a whole lot of amazing projects. Check out this to find out more about my “newest and most craziest toy for the big boys” ever (available in english soon).

- you can´t stop 16 tons of steel -

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5 GUM Walls Alive

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highspeed colors

these are the first rough impressions of my current shooting. All filemd in HD highspeed (500-1200 FPS), more to be seen soon. Props to my Visual Drugstore crew, thanks!!!

video mapping

a selection of some projects…

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