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Astonishing landscape light sculptures





A light installation by the american artist barry underwood. Familiar and natural environments become mystic by the infusion of glowing objects, LED lights, luminescent material, and other photographic effects. The final effect is a surrealistic image.

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Wildly eccentric hotel in Berlin

Located in Berlin, Germany, the Propeller Island City Lodge is one of the most bizarr hotel in Europe or maybe in the world. Designed by the artist Lars Stroschen, every room is a work of art, such as the Flying Bed with slanted floors and a levitating bed, the Mirror Room a diamond shaped room lined top to bottom with mirrors, or the monastic Orange and Temple rooms. Enjoy this experience!


Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin-Room view tourism destinations


















Polarstern 2013 – South Georgia



Some first impressions from my trip to my recent trip to Antarctica. The pictures were taken on the most amazing island of South Georgia at the former whaling station Grytviken. I want to thank Holger von Neuhoff from the Maritime Museum Hamburg, Gerhard Bohrmann, the entire crew of the german research ice-breaker Polarstern and of course Marum and Alfred Wegener Institut for making this amazing project possible. More footage and pics will be added and there will also be future projects following this trip. I´ll keep you posted.

Polarstern 2013 – The Storm –


Guerilla Mapping Dresden

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summer is coming back

Lets get ready for summer, can`t wait for all the outdoor festivals.

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Cocoon in The Park 2010