Daily inspiration


The LEGO interpretation of Banksy

Jeff Friesen, a Canadian photographer, reimagined the work of the famous street artist Banksy with LEGO. A fun new project called “Bricksy”, using the daughter’s LEGO blocks.



Impressive mud paintings in India

During the “wall art festival” 2014 in India, artists from India and Japan realise murales made with mud, using the walls of a school as canvas. The artists  interacted with the children and held workshops for them. The Wall Art Project, a non-profit organisation based in Tokyo, realises the Festival to bring art into schools in places like India and Tibet.


Janet Echelman & sky sculpture

American artist Janet Echelman realises unique artistic sculpture in urban airspace. She creates monumental interactive and grandiose pieces in the sky with vibrant colors, using simple netting techniques.

051Janet Echelman Skulptur 1.26 Amsterdam LED-Kunst204



Featured on Eveosblog

Thanks Eveos Blog for the article on the Mini project!

Here the link

eveos article

LEGO version of famous painting

Marco Sodano realised the LEGO ad campaign reproducing famous artistic icons such as Mona Lisa, Vincent Van Gogh, The girl with the pearl and many others with LEGO pieces.








Astonishing landscape light sculptures





A light installation by the american artist barry underwood. Familiar and natural environments become mystic by the infusion of glowing objects, LED lights, luminescent material, and other photographic effects. The final effect is a surrealistic image.

01 02 04 a3 03

Golden Classic

Just stumbled upon some pics of my shoot with Eden that I never posted here. Better late then never.

I never liked kaleidoscope effects, but done with real mirrors it ives it a more three dimensional look and angles and the effect is quite nice.



















Eden_052Eden_057 Eden_059 Eden_060 Eden_065

Eden_035 Eden_038 Eden_039 Eden_040 Eden_041 Eden_047 Eden_049


Battle of Triangles, Shanghai

Some pics of our current setup of my video mapped architectural sculpture at MOOK Shanghai.
Just some quick shots with an iPhone, proper pics will follow. 20130124-090741.jpg20130124-091032.jpg20130124-114322.jpg20130127-130848.jpg20130126-124813.jpg20130126-124805.jpg20130126-123939.jpg20130126-123921.jpg20130127-130935.jpg20130127-130953.jpg20130127-131014.jpg

Ultrabook™ 3D Tour WIEN – the pics

Here´s the first series of shots from the show at St. Charles Church in Vienna. I have to admit that this was the greatest show I´ve ever done, absolutely amazing feeling. Thanks to everybody that helped to make this evening so special and to the wonderful people (and officials) in Vienna!

Ultrabook™ 3D Tour HEIDELBERG

Definitely one of my favorite shows of the last months, Heidelberg really rocked the Ultrabook 3D Tour stop last Saturday, what a great night. Thanks go out to the approx. 5000 people that came, Moonbootica and of course the Intel team for believing me that Heidelberg, as a small town, can totally keep up with the big cities in Germany when it comes to party.

Hugo Boss Fashionweek in Berlin

Guerilla Mapping Dresden

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Berlin Summer Rave 2011

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Turntablerocker @ Mayday 2011

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summer is coming back

Lets get ready for summer, can`t wait for all the outdoor festivals.

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Cocoon in The Park 2010

Timewarp 2011

These are the first pics of my stage design for last saturday`s Timewarp. A 3D mapped sculpture which I performed on as a realtime 3D mapping show.

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let`s get MMOVing

An idea comes to life

This is a short vid of yesterdays spontaneous MMOV action in Munich. After months of planning and work this insane idea of mine is now finally ready for action and a whole lot of amazing projects. Check out this to find out more about my “newest and most craziest toy for the big boys” ever (available in english soon).

- you can´t stop 16 tons of steel -

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Unilever Haus, Hamburg

Here are some pics of my recent project for an event in the context of the city of Hamburg being the European Green Capital 2011. The event took place at the famous Unilever building in Hamburg, an absolutely extraordinary location that recently received a lot of prices: an award for being “The world´s best office building” at the World Architecture Festival and the “BEX Award” for sustainable design. For the dinner event we mapped two wide walls on each side and the elevator, which gave the premium political dinner gala an unique and overwhelming background.
Special thanks to BRANDS ALIVE, for making this event happen!

5 GUM Walls Alive

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360° projection once again

Eight 15K projectors mapped 360° onto the facade of the castle Moos.

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Love Family Park 2010

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highspeed colors

these are the first rough impressions of my current shooting. All filemd in HD highspeed (500-1200 FPS), more to be seen soon. Props to my Visual Drugstore crew, thanks!!!

video mapping

a selection of some projects…

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sneakpeek 3/10

Here`s another sneakpeek of my recent visual production. As usual it`s just random elements cut together for a quick idea of what you will see at my next shows.

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